Blogging and online money making


I wished I had started blogging much before. Because blogging is changing my life in a good way. Blogging is quite amazing as it satisfies all of your needs.  And the best part is you get paid what you just love to do. Below I have listed  some points which can motivate you to start blogging today. Let`s begin..


Help others    The best part of blogging is that you can help others. People search the internet when they need some sort of help. it may be side effects of a medicine or even the meaning of a word.  People needs help from all the fields and  every possible ways. Everybody is good at something. Use your talent to help other to make the world a better place.


Monetization     Hey, you can be paid to write a blog. yes, it is possible and it is true. Many famous blogger earn millions and many earn in thousands dollars. It`s not very easy to earn from blogging but the pro ones show us the path through which we can earn lots of money and even live our life from blogging. we can start to earn from the very first day though a very minimal amount.

Your passion persists    Passionate about something? start writing about that thing. As people needs all sort of answers, you will sooner or later find your audience. When you write posts about your passion you will have a chance to live the life you desired to live. And will be able your pursue your passion and chase your dream.

Work from home    Gone are days when working in home will not provide you any benefit. There is no need to go to any further or nearer place to work. You can access internet in your desktop, laptop, mobile in your home and can adjust your schedule to work. What a best thing, even when you are waiting for the bus or the train, you can continue to work along with playing games or watching videos, movies, whatever.

Part time     Even though you are working in other places you can utilize your remaining free time to blog.  In the sundays and holidays you will get plenty of time to write in your blog. Utilize the time wisely to be more productive and enjoyment by blogging.


Find your own voice    you have something to tell, share to the world? Do you want to tell who you are? then start blogging today. It will definitely help you to stand your own voice to the mass. And feels good when you shout your suppressed voice to the world.


You can promote your business      If you are doing any type of business then it is inevitable to start a blog today. It will boost up your sale by connecting with the potential buyers in the whole world. Business from tata, birla, ambani to a road vendor of panwala have a website and blog today. Why should you lag behind.  while I am writing this on a pleasant sunday noon two messages popped up from a bed sheet and a household furniture company. Is n`t  it  so amazing.


Become expert in your field      You can choose a niche or random posts to write in your  blog. that will not hurt you until you write a quality content. And as blogging is a never ending process slowly but surely you will become become expert at something. This is a wonderful thing that you do what you love to do, paid for doing that and even become known for expertise in that field.


You will become more creative       Everyone is creative. We have same capacity of brain, everybody could do everything and even create new ideas. By blogging you begin to inculcate the creative mind and put it into your work. This will boost your possibilities and infinite creativity.


Make new friends around the globe     Love to make new friends? then it is the field where you would meet like minded people around the globe. Most of the bloggers are very friendly and helpful. I have made some blogging friends from the beginning of the first day of blogging. They are very ready to help me in every way and they are from outside of my country.


Blogging gives you confident     when you start blogging it will boost your confidence. As you will find that your voice is being heard and recognized by the people nothing can leads to depression. You will began to understand your strength and weaknesses to counteract in your weakness.


It develops your clear thinking method      Our brain is constantly thinking and providing thousands of ideas at the same time.  It is quite messy right now. Therefore we are not  able to think and act properly at the same time. So we make many wrong decisions which is hurting us. Blogging makes you to develop a clear mindset by focusing in the right direction and thing. our mind follow doing things from our habits and actions and continuous blogging make the mindset to collect only the useful thoughts and ideas and throw away the unwanted ones in the garbage.


You can reflect your life and correct your direction      Blogging is like a mirror which reflects your image from the inner self. Probability is more that you are currently riding in  a wrong path. Blogging provides insight about self and it leads to our desire to correct it. We may be wasting our time, developing bad habits. But blogging rationalize our mind and create a way to create good habits in our life


very easy to use     Yes, blogging is very easy to do. Even though I don’t knew about blogging and writing posts I could start using it in an hour! And I used my mobile phone to buy a domain name and hosting and then setting up my WordPress blog. Isn’t it great. No need to hire person or organisation to build your website. Just do it yourself by trial and error. I am still doing it and it is quite fun and elevating.


A worth taking challenge     It is a challenge to continue blogging. Because blogging is a long run work or business. You can be deviated from blogging very easily as it consume time to mastery in blogging. But it is a worth taking challenge because of its rewards which are very high.


You can create your own world    If you blog continuously then you will be followed by huge numbers of people. They will be unknowingly following your ideas and principles. You can influence them so much that with this force the society can be  develop in your desirable way.


A meaningful purpose to live for     Everyone should have a purpose in life which will drive you to live life happily. If you doesn’t have a purpose or a meaningful purpose then you may be in a dilemma. Blogging helps others and give you opportunity to earn. What meaning one needs other than blogging!


Good habit will form      It will transform your bad habits to good ones. It is addiction in a good way. So it let out whatever bad habits you have. When you will have to sit for hours in front of computer then you will develop patience. And patience is the main ingredient we need to succeed in life.


Record your life and work  forever     When we use website or blog in the internet then it is recorded in the system. It can not be destroyed, stolen, robbed and water and fire doesn’t takes its toll on it.


Find like minded people     You will not only make numerous friends but the right ones. Your friends will understand your weal and woe cause they are also going through the same process as you.


A wonderful hobby      I have hobbies like reading books, watching movies and travelling. I bet you also have some hobbies, everybody does. And if we make the wonderful idea of blogging as our hobby then it can be the gold mine for us. So, let’s incorporate this habit and start blogging.


You will become an entrepreneur       Like an entrepreneur you will manage your blog, monitor sales etc.  It will develop your leadership quality you will become a better person above all.


You will become famous     Blogging can make one very famous. When you will be able to touch the lives of millions and solve their problems no one even you can’t prevent from becoming famous.


It`s like meditation      It is like meditation through words. As we dive deeper in the ocean of words we can find peace of mind and tranquility just like meditation does. Therefore it controls our thought and boosts our energy.


it`s free      Blogging is free also. We can paid for a better option but it can be started without any investment. So there is no need of worry about budget. The only thing you need is an internet connection. And you can also monetize your blog  without investing a penny.


Become a better writer      You can be a blog writer even your writing sucks. But with writing and practicing continuously you will develop your writing and become a much better writer. It will lead you to succeed in other fields of life where good writing quality is inevitable.


Conquer fear     I have fear of public relations. But blogging makes you express your feelings fearlessly. You don’t have to worry of look and accent or odor.

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There are lot more points which I think you can add after starting to blog. Therefore, there is unlimited reason to start a blog today. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your valuable comments and suggestions. And hey let’s start blogging from today.



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  • I started my blog about 2 1/2 years ago and I so enjoy writing about things that can help others. Of course I also write about every day happenings and lots of my cooking ideas. I have adsense but haven totally figured it out so haven’t monetized on that yet but have earned a few $$ on sponsored posts. Great tips, thanks for sharing.

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  • I completely agree…especially that Blogging boosts your confidence. I have still to read more on earning part though 🙂 Good Luck for your endeavours!

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  • We learn so much when we share. It frees our mind and makes us more creative. Everyone should have a hobby that lets them express themselves. And thankfully, blogging is one of mine. 🙂

  • It is true! Apart from a possible source of income, blogging does help a lot in developing one’s personality! 🙂

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