Morning workout

If you want to improve your health of body and mind a morning workout is must. Many person tells that they are not morning person or an owl! I also thought so. But hey, I was totally wrong . After all these years of suffering from my chronic illnesses like asthma and ocd, I finally found that morning workout for an hour or two is proving greatly helpful.

What is the correct way to workout?

1) Get out from your comfort zone ie your home-    Sooner or later you will stop your workout if you are doing it in your home. So, go to a playground, park, field etc where you can find empty space and fresh air.

2) start with walking-  Don’t push yourself hard at first. Start with a slow walk then gradually start jogging. Do it at least for half an hour.

3) Exercises-  Afte walking and running do not let your body cool down. Do some freehand exercises like aerobics and yoga.

4) Pranayama- Now it is time for doing a quick found of pranayama. We can do kapalvati, anolom vilom, vastika etc. This will cure our infections and allergies.

5) Meditation-  Last but not the least do some meditation. It calms our body, mind and soul. It connects us to inner and our greatest self.

In this way by doing morning workout regularly, we can build a strong immune system. We will be energized for the whole day, positivity increases and peace of mind attain.