Imagination, the power.

Many years ago, I read Napolion Hill who pointed out that Imagination is the most marvellous, miraculas, inconceivibly the most powerful source that the world has ever known. and you know that every individual uses Imagination if they uses it at all against themselves. They imagine what they dont want, they imagine problems coming. Let`s begin to use our imagination to mend our coming days. It is the greatest creative faculty that we possess. and we can build anything that we want with it.   Take a look at your surroundings at your home, market or office, how many thing you will found that did not exist five or ten years before. Do you know that every one of them without exceptional were first created inside the mind of one individual with imagination. Do you know you can use your imagination to go to the future and bring it into the present. That is done by the every successful individual. That`s what all the highly successful people do.  It is the greatest gift of god. You know when we were young like a child of two to five years we used imagination all the time. We did not knew what it was but it was called by others as day dreaming. And gradually we become older and we put halt to our power to imagine. We can actually be what we want through imagination by dreaming and living the life of the person we want to become. It is the greatest mental faculty  which we can cultivate. We were gifted with these higher faculties by god with unlimited potential. Everything, like the computer I am writing, the mobile you are using,  the electricity,  fan, fridge etc. Was first built in the mind of an individual by imagination. we are gods highest creation and we are created in gods image. But it is only used by two percent of the population. All the person with so much power wonder around with so much power and potential and squandered. See the average person literally tip toe through life hoping to would make safely to death. It is such a shame and it does not have to be that way. Everyone is creative and no one is more creative than another but it is just that some has chose to use their creativity greater degree than another. Imagination, your imagination. what do you want, how do you really want to live. Built the picture in your mind.   There is a power that is flowing to and through you, a creative unadulterate power. Built beautiful picture in your mind about how do you want to live with imagination everyday. and live that way. Live can be better if we imagine and live the desired life which is living worth. And let the world be a better place to all to by living the way they like. Imagination, such a wonderful idea.

  • Surely Imagination is the first step to acheive something bigger and better. More power to power through it.

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      • 12:28 am, November 21, 2012|The worst part is that they won’t start filming until next August then th2#1y8e&7;ll just throw some shit together, call it a found footage film, and bank it.

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