Easy and fast ways to lose weight permanently





Do you want to lose weight permanently? Are you fed up of losing and gaining weight game? Then here is the solution.
The main problem that plagues our mind-set is that we want a quick fix. Therefore, we are attracted towards tonics, miracle drugs that promises us to lose weight in a very little time. They do deliver results but it is temporary fix and comes with hidden side effects and many health risks. The safest and healthier way to lose weight is gradually with healthier eating plan, regular exercise and increase metabolism. Here are some suggestions to think and act.




REGULAR EXERCISE: In order to lose weight and maintain it well you have to combine both physical exercise and food habits. If you take a balanced diet and workout for an hour a day, then losing weight will be faster. It is true that the unhealthy fat that has been built up around the organs can be lost by intense exercise. It is simple that calorie you gain should be lesser than the calories you lose. It boost up your energy and improve metabolism and your brain health.

there is no need for you to go to the gym or buy expensive items to exercise. you can just go out of your home to park or a playground in the morning. You can jog or walk for an hour or just warm up and do some stretching, it is up to you. walking is always gentle on the knees and joints and can be done anywhere. you can walk to the nearby market, workplace, taking stairs instead of lifts or accelerators etc. so, it is proven that workout is must in order to lost excessive weight and for the overall health for our body and mind. find more about exercise here http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/.





CHEW FOOD PROPERLY: Chewing helps in the breakdown of food from larger particles to smaller ones. It is then passed through the intestines and absorbed properly. the intestines are able to absorb the nutrients in a much better way when it is broken down in smaller particles. Research has shown that when you chew food properly, and ingest it slowly, you tend to consume lesser calories and ultimately you avoid any sort of weight gain. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to signal to your stomach that is full. this is why you end up consuming more calories than required, as the time of signalling is more. so, we have to eat slowly.
The saliva in our mouth contains digestive enzymes that break down the food particles and make them easier to digest. saliva also lubricates the food so that it becomes easier for the oesophagus. Therefore, you have to take small bites at a time. slow down the chewing sped consciously. And eating slowly does not mean that eat as much as you like. You have to know your eating limit.







DRINK PLENTY OF WATER WE know that water retention in our body results in weight gain. Then how can we lose weight drinking a thing which actually adds to it? It is very simple. when our body gets water continuously then it feel as being full and avoid retaining it. It therefore relinquish the water retained by it.
Water is involved in all the cellular process that undergo in our body, including metabolism. Metabolism is basically a sequential chemical process that takes place in our body. staying hydrated helps these processes to go on smoothly. it helps in digestion. It helps our kidneys to function properly to filter the required things and eliminating the rest and not be constipated.
The big question is how much actual quantity of water we need? The answer is that everybody have a different requirement for their body. Experts says that minimum eight to ten glasses of water is necessary for our body. But again it will depend on many factors like amount of exercise one do, hot and humid climate, the job you do etc. The more we lose water through sweat, breath, bowel activities, more intake of water is needed.







It is a revolution to lose weight without much efforts. Green tea has abundance of antioxidants and fat burning bio active substances. It is a natural way to lose weight. It helps in boosting metabolism and thereby burning calories and losing weight. how does it works? Well, it has moderate quantity of caffeine that acts as a stimulant in burning fat. tea`s extracts, especially the catechins trigger weight loss. Intake of two to three cups burns approximately 70-80 calories per day.

You have to drink it without sugar and hot. Include it in your diet and you will get magical results. the bioactive substance present in it makes you burn fat even while you are taking rest. The catechins increase the hormone level that encourage the fat cells to breakout the fat so ingested. Therefore the fat is released into the blood stream and available as energy to the body.




REPLACING YOUR COOKING OIL Replace your cooking oil to coconut oil. Coconut oil contains short and medium chain fatty acids that increase the metabolic rate, healthy functioning of thyroid gland and endocrine system. The fatty acid in coconut oil can significantly reduce appetite, which may positively affect body weight over long-term. Medium chain triglycerides are metabolized very quickly in the liver and encourage an increase in energy expenditure, while decreasing fat storage. So, it enhances the ability of the body to digest faster and absorb the nutrients so that we crave less and therefore eat less.
It helps the digestive tract to absorb fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K) more efficiently and when our body has all the vital minerals and vitamins we are sure to feel better. It promotes the production of healthy hormones that improves digestion, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce stress and regulate appetite. therefore adding it will help you to lose weight and live healthier life.





REDUCING SUGAR INTAKE cutting down sugar intake is vital for losing your weight. Diabetes 2 and heart diseases may occur due to the high level of sugar. Sugar is inevitable for our body because ut provides instant energy. Long and complex sugar are broken down to simple sugars such as glucose which provides us instant energy. But when the body has excess of glucose, the storage capacity of liver is exceeded and when the capacity is exhausted, the excess of sugar is converted into fatty acids

(so-called fat) and is driven back to the blood stream. then these fats are further stored in the stomach, thighs, hips and butts. Once these regions are full of fat, they spill over the excess sugar (fatty acids) to the organs like heart, kidneys and liver.
High consumption of sugar leads our body to produce high amount of insulin. Insulin is a hormone in our body that processes the food into simple sugar where after it is consumed by our body cells as energy. When high amount of sugar is ingested, the pancreas tends to produce more of this insulin. Insulin spike causes the fat burning capacity of your to decrease, for instead of burning fat the body prefers to consume the instant sugar so ingested to produce energy. then this insulin takes all these ingested sugar to your body muscles in order to consume it.
Once these muscles are full of energy, the excess of sugar is stored as fat. After the excess sugar has been consumed by either being sent to muscles or being stored as fat in the body, ideally the insulin production should have stopped and everything would be in perfect order. But unfortunately this is not the case. The feedback mechanism that tells the pancreas to stop the production of insulin is little slow. What this means is that the pancreas keps producing long after it should have ideally stopped. Now this excess insulin takes the blood sugar levels much lower than the normal sugar levels. And now the reverse process starts. The body starts to feel that there is a dearth of sugar or energy and then we start experiencing hunger again and as a result consume more food. The liver responds to these low blood sugar from the liver along with the sugar from the food we have consumed causes another spike in the blood sugar levels. This starts another fresh cycle of the same process. so it is quite evident that sugar in excess ultimately harm your body by increasing its fats deposit and causing insulin resistance in the body which is a major cause of diabetes.
Therefore, it is very wise to stay away from ingesting high amount of sugar to curb out weight gain and illness.




INCREASE THE SHARE OF PROTEIN DIET Providing adequate protein to our body boots up metabolism. it helps you to feel that automatically you will tend to eat lesser amount of calories. IT takes longer time to metabolize which means you have to burn more calories to process down the protein intake.
The source of protein are eggs, Greek yogurt, milk, cheese, meats like pork, chicken, fish. dried lentils, nuts like peanuts, cashew nut and almonds make for a crunchy way to add more protein and healthy unsaturated fats to your diet. Heart bean and green peas are excellent food.
So, by taking these protein rich diet when you feel hungry can help you to lose weight effectively. Know more about protein diets in here http://www.redbookmag.com/.




SWITCH TO GOOD CARBOHYDRATES Avoid eating processed food which is rich refined carbohydrate. such as sugar, bread, pasta etc. are refined and the natural fiber is stripped. therefore, their nutritional value is more. Taking low carbohydrate diet are not only beneficial for losing weight but it also manage sugar levels, regulate blood pressure and increase the good cholesterol in your body.
Carbohydrates are both good and bad for you. Bad carbohydrates are white bread, white rice, white pasta etc. And some of the good carbohydrates are corns, which is a good source of vitamin c, fiber and many antioxidants. Banana is a good source of vitamin B6, potassium, manganese and fiber. Potatoes are also good source of carbohydrate which is rich in potassium and vitamin c.
Therefore, you have to choose the good carbohydrates in your diet and minimize the intake of good ones.


Why lose weight? Answer is simple. It feels better from inside. There is a simple call and response dynamic between the image you see in the mirror and how you feel inside. It boost your confidence level and it lessen the probability of many weight related diseases. Here are some of the benefits of losing weight..




Lower diabetes risk:  Study has shown that obesity leads to increased diabetes risk. Your obese body`s metabolism impacts your body`s sugar processing system and this can leads to diabetes. Diabetes leads to many diseases in our body such as lose of eyesight, damage kidneys, nerve damage and even heart problems.




Lower cancer risk:  Obesity has been linked to certain cancers, especially if your diet consists of animal protein. Colon and rectal cancer, among others, have been linked to obesity.




Lower cardiovascular disease risks:  Obesity has been linked to many  heart diseases like heart failure, heart attacks, angina, enlarged heart, hypertension among others.

Reducing fat levels leads to less-stressed circulatory system which leads to a healthier heart.




CONCLUSION Loose it before you have to choose it. Commitment. Commitment. It is not okay to learn only. But to reap the fruit and earn benefits from what you have learned is by acting consciously. Nothing will happen if you don`t do it. There is no magical charm in the world which makes you lose weight. You will have to select active lifestyle by including exercise and healthier food choices to lose weight. Make yourself mentally ready and then go for it.

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