5 ways to MOTIVATE in 5 MINUTES

Motivation is the driving force for us to carry on a particular work. If we can motivate ourselves continuously then it will form a habit of the work. And if a habit of a particular work or thing is formed then we can continue it even we don`t want to. In this highly competitive and ever changing world, the only factor that is limited and same for all is time. therefore if we can motivate ourselves in in only five minutes then we can be able to save lots of time and focus on our desired goal.

Here is the 5 ways in which motivation in five minutes is guaranteed.

1. Meditation:

                       Meditation is the ancient Indian art to attain peace of mind and soul. If you meditate only for five minutes also then you will feel refresh and rejuvenated. Your energy and focus to work will increase tremendously and you will feel motivated to really succeed in the field which you want to excel.


2. The money Factor:

                                     Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable in a sitting or laying position. Think about the money you desire to acquire. See that money entering in your bank account and feel that money from the heart. Feel that the money is real and think about what you are going to do with that money. After five minutes open your eyes and you will feel motivated and full of energy.




3. Exercise:

                    Only five minutes of exercise like running, cycling, jumping or just stretching will do the job. The physical exercise will throw away the stress, anxiety and laziness. Your body and mind will be in focus on a single goal towards your success.




4. Pray:

             Praying for only five minutes can change our attitude totally. When we pray we believe and keep faith in him. We completely devote ourselves in his care and lose our tensions and problems. As lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita, said to Arjuna his disciple and friend to focus only in his goal and do it by giving his hundred percent. And never expect the fruit or result of that work. God is watching and he is just in his decisions.





                          we people are a social animal. We live by living with others. They are so important to us that we cannot afford to live alone. Our loved ones, family members matters than anything else. If we think about them for 5 minutes and feel that our goal  and success will also make them happy then we will feel motivated hugely.


Apply the one way which fits in your life and stay motivated. With this I conclude my post. see you again .

  • It’s AMAZING how much better I feel after exercising. Whenever I don’t feel like doing it, I try to remind myself of that. 🙂


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  • Great ideas here for motivation. I know that if you visualize something it will come so visualizing getting ahead in life i.e. financial or otherwise can do wonders. Thanks for the Thursday motivation 🙂

    • thanks for your such generous comment. do keep coming for more.

  • Exercising, even minimal, can get me motivated. Once I wake up, I got out of bed immediately instead of “thinking” about it. Then I work out on my cardio bike and does that get me motivated!

    • yes exercising is very necessary. keep coming for more.

  • I always do this tips before now I am not doing some of them. Thank you for reminding this to me.

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  • Such cool and practical ways to motivate yourself. I will definitely be implementing these in my life. Keep the great posts coming!

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  • Rhonda lawson

    Love your 5 tips I do 3 of those. Your blogs are interesting.

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  • Great points, if we can derive happiness, we are sure to get motivated…

  • I love these! They are quick and easy and make you feel good no doubt! Will be trying them for sure!